Musica de Parc de Guelle

Musica de Parc de Guelle

In Barcelona, at the Parc de Guelle, played a Musician.
a Guitar player who plays the most unbelievably beautiful resonance with the help of where he was sitting, an empty mezzanine in between two stories with pillars and ceiling with abstract art which was in every essence distinctively Gaudí. As if he was hiding.
I don’t know who he is. But his music made people stop making sounds because it might interrupt this sound, that was so transiently subtle that you’d thought it’s coming from your own head. .
Except it’s not only them. Everybody could listen to his Spanish guitar.

it will be a while until I come to Parc de Guelle.
So anyone that gets the chance to see and listen to him play, please tell him how there’s someone that misses his music.

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