About Walter Mitty

About Walter Mitty

This is not a film review.
I did love the movie but I think for all the different reasons. (If it still counts, then, the view in this movie is mad awesome.) This is about Iceland, and Greenland, which for a long time was my dream destination. But somehow because of a petty reason I decided to chuck.

I have been wanting to go to Iceland since Heima came out. You know, part Sigur Ros movie that shows them playing music in impossibly stunning backdrop, part documentary about ‘vegetable’ musician, part conservation effort video? (I don’t really know anymore, I’ll need to re-watch that.)

I said petty reason because it’s about money.
I decided to not try to go simply because it’s expensive to get to, and probably to stay there. Iceland is (so far, at least) preserved for a reason, because it’s damn costly to get there. But then money is no disability. I still have both my legs, both my arms, sight, brain, and pretty much all other organs intact (and adding kilo by kilo each year). After watching mitty, somehow I realised how wimpy my reason was. Ditching a dream because it’s expensive? What a weak weak excuse. Although, quite frankly, the real and only reason.

I have an OK job. I get paid (alright) for writing about hedonistic lifestyle stuff and to sample lots and lots of good food (talk to the waistline). The best food in the city that even I, the selfish food addict that would probably put Grano Padano cheese over baby food, will never ever pay with my own money for. But it’s no job that I can do over an Iceland excursion if you could just catch my drift. I’m alright right now and as long as you don’t rub your exotic travel destination tickets all over my face, I’m perfectly content and I KNOW I SHOULD NOT BITCH ABOUT HAVING A JOB GODDAMMIT I KNOW.

But Mitty is like a wakeup call for me. It’s a ‘dream even bigger’ or ‘walk stronger’ type thing that’s worthy of Instagram quote thingy. A reminder that I should not stay still, that I should just go without caring so much about the excess baggage because really, there will always be excess baggage.

For now, I’ll put Iceland in my bucket list along with Alberta and ‘living among farm animals’ and work harder by eating more truffle-topped shits with vintage Cabernet Sauvignons and see you in, oh well, 16 years?



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